“Our tailored systems are world leading and through our expertise in dimensional survey control we are able to produce full colour 3D point clouds of areas that are traditionally inaccessible or more importantly where it is inefficient for ground based operatives to do so.”

Mobile LiDAR mapping which allows Texo DSI to collect large quantities of highly accurate data efficiently, remotely and precisely. The relative accuracy of our system is 5mm ensuring you have the most accurate dataset to progress your project. All our data is geo-referenced to your project requirements.

Airborne LiDAR

We can create a 3D point cloud of up to 60 hectares a day! It is possible to collect information beneath foliage and tree canopies, enabling us to create highly accurate digital terrain models for flood mapping, tree mapping in forested areas and utility line mapping.

Vehicle LiDAR

We can collect billions of points on road surfaces and their surrounding environments in a matter of hours, up to 50km a day. We use this data for highway topographic surveys, street scene elevations and 3D modelling of structures.