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Why Texo DSI

Founded in 2016, Texo DSI strives to be at the forefront of innovation, blending traditional surveying skills with state-of-the-art technology.

Our advanced fleet of unmanned aerial and ground-based platforms, integrated with the latest survey and inspection technologies, ensures precise data capture and analysis, reducing health and safety risks and avoiding project downtime, along with our highly skilled team brings over 30 years of survey experience to your project.

Our commitment to customer service means satisfaction is guaranteed.

We deliver:
• Game-changing survey data via advanced UAV-deployed aerial command & control.
• Unrivalled safety and operational efficiency for asset inspection and survey applications.
• Survey solutions that are both highly cost-effective and a vast improvement on what was possible before.

The combination of our technology and advanced CAA permissions means we bring previously unsurveyable structures to your screen.

With our enhanced CAA permissions we can fly above, beyond and closer than any other single operator within the UK in the most challenging and complex environments. CAA permissions as follows:

CAA permissions as follows:

view brouchure

Texo DSI Extended Flight

Extended Flight

Texo DSI Closer at Height

Closer at Height

Texo DSI Closer Asset Inspection

Closer Asset Inspection

Texo DSI Closer to the Action

Closer to the Action



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