The realisation of UAV integrated winch systems for the supply and retrieval of loads up to 10kg is a game changer in terms of safety and efficiency.

Texo Drone Survey and Inspection was the first company in the world to deploy such a system for industrial services. With fully integrated and adjustable FPV (First Person View) for the pilot operator, our pilot is able to deliver with precision accuracy and safety, loads to personnel on high structures and difficult to reach locations.

With the ability to take off from multiple locations, both offshore and onshore, our system decreases the need and the associated risks of embarkation and disembarkation from offshore wind turbines to vessel and the necessity for personnel to climb tower structures for tool and small parts retrieval. Our bespoke system operates within construction sites and for both offshore vessel-to-vessel and vessel-to-platform operations.

Designed with an electronic and pilot-operated hook delivery system and tension maintained 5m line, to eliminate swing factors, our pilot is able to deliver loads to personnel safely, accurately and efficiently.

Our UAV winch supply drop system is proof yet again of our innovation and is another Texo DSI Ltd developed UAV system; designed for industrial applications and the increased safety of personnel.