TEXOTalk December

TEXO has experienced a remarkable year, marked by significant achievements in various aspects of operations. Managing Director Chris Smith and Brand Executive Alan Conway speak about their highlights and aspirations for 2024.

“A significant development was the expansion into the utilities sector, exemplified by the company’s role as principal contractor for a regional water supplier. This landmark project serves as a testament to the group’s capacity to expand into new domains and leverage opportunities in untapped markets.”

“Diversification remains a key focus in 2024, with plans to explore and penetrate new industries. My ambition is to operate in five distinct sectors, ensuring no more than 20% of revenue is derived from any one sector. This strategy aims to enhance the our resilience during economic downturns”.

TEXO has further expanded its geographic reach, venturing into new markets with remarkable success. “A particular highlight is the establishment of a presence in South America, spearheaded by the efforts of project manager Craig Macintosh. This expansion demonstrates the group’s multi-disciplined capabilities, extending beyond oil and gas operations.”

Despite the rapid growth, TEXO remains committed to maintaining its established reputation. “Upholding a respectful and transparent approach, emphasising community engagement and open communication is extremely important
to us,” commented Alan Conway. “Town hall events and Q&A sessions foster a culture of transparency and address stakeholder concerns.”

TEXO’s participation in the Offshore Europe exhibition was a resounding success this year. “I commend the team for shifting the focus from traditional self-promotion to highlighting the company’s contributions to charitable endeavors. This strategic move resonated with industry leaders, garnering recognition for TEXO’s commitment to social responsibility,” says Chris.

“In conclusion, TEXO has demonstrated remarkable growth and innovation throughout 2023. Our expansion into new sectors, establishment of international operations, and commitment to social responsibility position us for continued success in 2024 and beyond.”

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TEXOTalk December