TEXO and Glass Aftercare have partnered to survey, repair and replace end-of-life commercial glazing across UK.

Survey and Inspection company TEXO DSI, part of the TEXO Group, and Glass Aftercare, the provider of specialist technical glazing support have announced a formal partnership that expands the services both companies offer to their commercial clients.

TEXO DSI is based in Witham, Essex and is one of the UK’s leading survey and inspection companies, using both unmanned vehicle and traditional survey techniques to deliver high-quality precision survey data to clients across a wide range of industries.

Glass Aftercare is a Hertfordshire-based business that specialises in technical and complex glass changes, façade performance enhancements and fenestration improvements. Like TEXO DSI, it uses state-of-the-art technology that allows it to offer safe, efficient services to its customers.

The partnership is designed to deliver enhanced services to clients – particularly facility managers and building managers who are in charge of buildings with a significant percentage of glazing. In order to maintain a safe building, these glass areas need regular survey and visual inspection, followed by suitable maintenance, repair or replacement that meets necessary compliance standards.

“We regularly survey and inspect buildings that have glazing that is under stress or coming to the end of its life,” says James Arnott, UAS Lead and Business Development TEXO DSI. “Using photogrammetry, lidar, thermography, UAS Inspection and other industry-leading survey techniques, we give our clients confidence in the current state of their asset, so that they can plan a reliable programme of maintenance and repair. It makes absolute sense to partner with a company like Glass Aftercare, where we are confident that they approach and quality of work matches ours – and where the quality of the information we collect leads to quality of work for the customer.”

“Our decision to partner with TEXO DSI was a natural one, considering their stellar reputation in the industry and shared values of providing unrivalled quality and service,” says Rod Milicevic, Managing Director at Glass Aftercare. “We believe in leveraging the power of technology to enhance our service offerings and TEXO DSI’s superior drone and photogrammetry capabilities perfectly align with this vision.”

“Through this partnership, we aim to enhance the level of precision and insight we bring to our projects. By integrating TEXO’s cutting-edge data collection methods into our processes, we can obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the glass and fenestration needs of the buildings we service. This will further empower us to provide tailored solutions that drive performance enhancements and efficiencies, while also ensuring we continue to meet and exceed regulatory standards. In essence, this partnership with TEXO DSI strengthens our mission to deliver exceptional, future-forward services that align with the evolving needs of the PropTech sector.”