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Complete internal and external stadium roof inspection using a range of drone platforms

TEXO was commissioned by a prominent construction consultancy to carry out a complete inspection of a football stadium roof. It required an extensive inspection because water had been discovered on the inside of the steel beams when routine maintenance was being carried out. The client requested both an internal and external roof inspection, as well as a thermal study to determine which roof beams contained water.


The Elios 3 captured the entire inside of the stadium, whilst the DJI M300 was used for the external roof inspection, as well as the inspection of the speaker and lighting installations around the perimeter of the roof. A thermal drone was used to identify which beams had trapped water inside, providing evidence of where water ingress was occurring.



No working at height required
Conventional methods for roof inspection would require either rope access or working from a mobile platform. A mobile platform wasn’t a possibilty due to the seats in the stands, so rope access would have been the typical choice, extending the inspection by weeks. By using drone technology, the full inspection only took 4 days and eliminated the need for any working at height.

Revolutionised internal inspection
Because the Elios 3 is equipped with LiDAR, TEXO was able to capture a 3D point cloud that marks the location of all defects identified by the team when flying around the stadium. This 3D point cloud makes identifying the areas of concern much quicker for when carrying out repairs.

Every joint accounted for
Typically, you will only receive images of the defects with a traditional inspection report. With our data collection plan every inch of the roof has been captured, both internally and externally. With this data permanently stored on TEXZone, any updates or repairs can be compared against its previous condition at the time of inspection, allowing for historical logs of the roofs condition.