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Texo conducts world’s first inspection inside a Uranium Enrichment Facility

Fire Safety and the unreachable

Our client operates in a pivotal area of the nuclear fuel supply chain which ends with the sustainable generation of electricity for consumers around the world. It uses leading centrifuge technology to provide the uranium enrichment services its customers need to generate low carbon nuclear energy.

What was needed?

The client needed to inspect the fire protection installed on the wall between various facilities. Over the year holes had been made between areas to accommodate cable tray, pipes and process equipment. Many of the areas were located at height of up to 15m and above highly sensitive and hazardous equipment.

The team also needed a way of referencing the information from the visual inspection to specific locations and validate the size of some of the holes.

What did we do?

We used our internal confined space aerial system, which offers a dual visual and thermal sensor payload, paired with super bright LED lighting for safe operation in hazardous confined unlit spaces.

We also used  a carbon fibre anti-collision encapsulation system was used, allowing the system to come into direct contact with surfaces to maximise data quality, whilst ensuring no damage was sustained to either the site or our system.

For additional detail, we used an internal Structured Light mapping system to collect highly detailed point cloud data from the walls to allow for accurate CAD sections that measured the holes and provided reference for the visual data collected.

Texo conducts world’s first inspection inside a Uranium Enrichment Facility

The outcomes

Capturing the impossible

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