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3D Laser Scanning for Accommodation Vessel Bid

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ASV Pioneer

The ASV Pioneer is a world class accommodation vessel that is currently docked in Port of Blyth. Currently each cabin houses two people, but single-person cabins are a future requirement in order to meet the demanding nature of offshore work that the vessel assists with. In order to increase the sleeping capacity of the ship, the client wanted to add more single person accommodation units on the open deck. To facilitate an accurate bid costing for the project, TEXO Workspace Solutions commissioned TEXO DSI to undertake a detailed 3D capture of the vessel prior to any fabrication or detailed design.

The solution

Using a 3D laser scanner in conjunction with a high resolution payload mounted to a UAV platform, TexoDSI were able to successfully capture detailed point cloud information and imagery in two days. The imagery collected was used to produce a photogrammetric model of the ship, whilst the point cloud information from the high accuracy laser scanner enabled accurate scale to be applied to the UAV dataset. The result was a textured, sub 5mm accurate 3D model of the vessel along with thousands of inspection grade digital photos.

Even with limited access to the vessel, enough data can be collected through scanning and imagery to allow engineers to plan/design works.

From this detailed scan, Texo have been able to precisely plan how the new accommodation can be joined to the current structure of the ship. Mitigating potential future design issues and enabling clash detection from a remote work environment. Furthermore by scanning below the deck, we have pinpointed the exact location of current pipes and utilities so that our design process is fully informed.

3D Laser Scanning for Accommodation Vessel Bid

The result

TEXO Workspace Solutions can now back its bid for this project with full plans and imagery that gives the client confidence in our capability. If successful, the team would not have to carry out multiple visits to the site as they can work remotely using 3D information they can trust, through a world class data interaction portal in Texzone. This means reduced costs, minimised health and safety risk and therefore we can offer our client the most competitive bid solution.

3D Laser Scanning for Accommodation Vessel Bid