The iXM camera by Phase One Industrial represents a breakthrough aerial camera platform driven by the world’s fastest medium-format imaging sensor.

With in-flight focus functionality (a first for a UK-based UAV operator) this system has been engineered specifically for UAV-imaging missions. The iXM 100MP is a high-productivity metric camera with a range of high-resolution lenses. Texo’s new iXM payload is ready for integration with a wide range of platforms from within its world-leading fleet.

The ability to focus lenses live in-flight enables a number of new uses for inspection applications where the focusing distance can be carried out in real time by the pilot. This functionality coupled with the sheer quality of resolution will represent a new standard for Close Visual Inspection in terms of data acquisition.

The cameras’ RSM lenses incorporate a new leaf-shutter technology, which supports 3 fps capture – with a speed of 1/2500 sec – while guaranteeing 500,000 actuations. The lenses are thermally stable to ensure consistent focus over a wide range of temperatures and flight altitudes. With optics designed to exploit the full benefits of the new sensor technology, the lenses provide with greater productivity, flexibility, and reliability, offering truly superb image quality.

David Williams, Chief Operations Officer, Texo DSI said: “We have made another significant capital investment in this payload which further enhances and improves our commitment to innovation.”

David added: “The benefit of in-flight lens focus on this system will help us to continue to raise the standard in service delivery and data acquisition for our clients. The sheer quality of image acquisition is simply breath-taking and sets new levels for client data in respect of photogrammetry and orthomosaic capabilities alongside our Close Visual Inspection applications.”

This payload system is being integrated within Texo’s world-leading fleet of UAVs and a further announcement will follow in respect of its integration with the company’s BVLOS Unmanned Helicopter System.

Since its inception, Texo DSI has developed a sector-leading suite of UAV deployed survey and inspection services; bringing to market a number of world-first technologies.